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Zoning and Land Use Permitting

Platinum Partners provides comprehensive land use permitting services for its clients, including project review and analysis, drafting and submitting municipal permit applications and representation of both commercial and residential clients at board and committee hearings. In addition, our legal team provides representation to our clients in the case of appeals to administrative agencies or state or federal courts.

Project Management

We oversee and coordinate the other members of the project team, including developers, engineers, architects, and other team members, to ensure that the project is kept on task and on budget.  We also facilitate the project team’s interaction with the necessary local officials and departments within the municipality in order to help ensure the project’s success.

Regulatory Analysis

We provide a comprehensive review of our clients’ projects in order to determine the applicability of and compliance with local, state and federal regulations to identify at the conception of the project what types of permits and approvals will be required for the project’s successful completion.  This analysis helps to avoid uncertainty and delays in the course of the permitting process.

Feasibility Studies

We provide feasibility studies to look at the viability of a project to determine if it is technically and financially feasible in light of the client’s budget and time-frame. The feasibility study helps to determine the likelihood of a project’s success based on identifying specific problems and issues that are integral to the project. In addition, the feasibility study can assist our clients with identifying and evaluating land use and development options and highest and best use analysis.