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Public Sector

Our Services

In addition to representing private sector clients, Platinum Partners also provides a variety of planning and consulting services to local boards and communities, including assisting cities and towns with review and updating of their zoning bylaws and other land use regulations, as well as providing planning and consulting services such as Comprehensive Plan reviews, Transit Oriented Development (TOD) analysis, community outreach programs and supportive services.

Review and Updating of Zoning Bylaws and Land Use Regulations

Platinum Partners assists local communities in reviewing and updating their zoning bylaws and other land use regulations by collaborating with local boards and departments to assist communities in implementing their long-term development goals and objectives. By assisting communities to engage in the public participation process, it allows all stakeholders an opportunity to voice their concerns and reach consensus in the decision-making process, which is critical to achieving acceptance and adoption of a community’s zoning bylaws and land use regulations.

Municipal Planning and Consulting Services

Platinum Partners works with communities to review and update their existing Comprehensive Plans and other long-range planning documents.  This review process helps to determine a plan’s effectiveness with regard to current trends and conditions in order to enable communities to achieve their vision for sustainable growth and development in the future, including such things as Transit-Oriented Development and other Smart Growth tools.

Regional Planning and Consulting Services

Platinum Partners assists a wide variety of non-profit organizations and other quasi-public agencies concerning regional planning and development issues, such as affordable housing and work-force housing solutions, regional transportation solutions and other relevant planning and transportation issues throughout a given region.  By combining our public and private sector experience, we are able to approach these broader issues in a manner which builds cooperation and consensus for our clients.